Epaflex Polyurethanes: manufacturer of polyurea, MDI prepolymer for polyurea and PU foam for insulation

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Epaflex Polyurethanes was established in 1991 as system house specialized in the production of polyurethane systems for footwear industry. Over’s the years, Epaflex’s business has expanded further and diversified, first with the second line of products thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) granules and then with the production of polyureas, polyaspartates, prepolymers and spray foams for insulation.

Epaproof Aromatic and Aliphatic Polyurea

Elastomers and liquid coatings

Moisture-resistant and flexible products, resistant to chemicals and abrasion, a few seconds or minutes to harden even in sub-zero temperatures. Typical applications: industrial floors, car park roofing, roofing and balconies, refineries, pipes, sewage treatment plants, encapsulation of asbestos, production plants, mining, off-shore platforms, steel bridges, marine and many more. Epaflex Polyurethanes has various “spray aliphatic polyureas” and polyaspartate polyureas resistant to U.V rays “FPH17” or FCAS 900 which improve the waterproofing performance

EPAPROOF FCA 900 Sprayable aliphatic polyurea coating.

Aliphatic pure polyurea elastomeric system with excellent yield and resistance to UV, applied by high-pressure spray equipment to protect cement, wood, EPS and polyurea surfaces

EPACOLOR FPHS 17 Aliphatic polyaspartic polyurea for manual application

Elastomeric system based on aliphatic isocyanates and special amines for laying transparent and coloured coatings to protect and waterproof substrates whose aesthetic properties must be retained. UV Resistant for use on cement, metals, marble, tiles, wood and GRP.

EPAFUR SFR: Water-based closed-cell polyurethane foam.

Rigid dual component closed-cell spray polyurethane foam with a density of about 35-40-45-60 kg/m3, for use in the construction of buildings for the insulation of parts like walls, ceilings, roofs, air barriers, suspended ceilings, pipes, storage rooms and cold rooms.