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Originally founded in 1979, Firemiks AB is a Swedish family based business currently operating in the third generation. Throughout the years, their main focus has been to develop, manufacture and distribute their product line of water motor driven dosing systems worldwide. FIREMIKS® is a mechanical foam proportioning system used for firefighting. The circulation of water solely drives the motor.

According to FIREMIKS®’s sales director Per Aredal currently their products are available in Africa mainly in South Africa where they have a distributor; Specialist Fire Equipment (Pty) Ltd, recently they have also got a new distributor in Nigeria; McGrath Power Solutions Ltd. Previously there has been sales through a UK company to BP in Mozambique.

Per also added that their water motor driven foam pump system are gaining more and more acceptance as a strong alternative to old bladder tank system.
With FIREMIKS® dosing is flow-proportional and effectively working regardless of pressure variations. One has the freedom to use several nozzles or sprinkler heads of different types, at different heights and open/close them independently of each other.

There are three main types:
FIREMIKS Fixed type is provided with a gear pump and is particularly suited for use in fixed systems with higher flow rates, such as deluge system, foam chambers, foam monitors and in fire trucks, etc., in addition also very suited to concentrates of high viscosity

FIREMIKS Sprinkler type is provided with a plunger/piston pump and is particularly suited for use in sprinkler systems with low starting flows and high working pressure, in addition also very suited to concentrates with low viscosity, such as wetting agents.

FIREMIKS Mobile type is mainly used by fire brigades as a handy complement to fixed foam admixing systems. Just connect FIREMIKS to the fire hoses and put down the suction tube into a foam drum, and it is ready to be used!

FIREMIKS is an economic system with accurate proportioning – optimum use of foam concentrate. Low maintenance and very easy regular testing allows for a low cost of ownership.

Per Aredal
[email protected]