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Genesis Water Technologies feted in Water Project Award 2016

Genesis Water Technologies, Inc., a US based global manufacturer and supplier of sustainable water & waste water treatment solutions worldwide is proud to announce that they were chosen as a recipient of the prestigious Water & Waste Digest’s Top Industrial Water Project award for 2016.

Genesis Water Technologies sustainable water treatment solutions provide reduced cost and increased operational efficiency which reduces the water footprint and government compliance costs across many

Their water, waste water treatment, and water reuse solutions have been recognized for their innovation and performance in assisting their clients water treatment issues across the world.

Lastly, their sea water desalination solutions incorporate technology to reduce power consumption and operating costs with increased water production rates.

“We truly appreciate being chosen as a recipient of the Water & Waste Digest’s top industrial water project award for 2016. This is a great honor.” Said Nick Nicholas, Technical Sales Manager for Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. states,

They look forward to working with new clients across the world to tackle the issues of water borne contamination and water scarcity challenges with innovative water treatment, wastewater treatment, and water reuse solutions.

About Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. is a vibrant, innovative global manufacturer and supplier of environmentally sustainable specialized water treatment, waste water treatment, purification, and filtration system and component solutions.

Their range of specialized solutions assist commercial, industrial, and governmental clients worldwide to save money, reduce water borne disease, and optimize their water treatment processes in a sustainable manner.

Genesis Water Technologies is dedicated to listening and responding to their clients requirements and providing specialized solutions to serve these needs.

For more details about Genesis Water Technologies, Inc., visit their company website at or contact them directly at +1 877 267 3699.

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