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The Advantages of Grupel+Grupel Generators

Over the years, Grupel has been investing in the quality and differentiation of its products, always aiming to provide the best solutions to its clients and to respond to their needs, while maintaining an excellent quality-price ratio.

That is why it has invested in components of its own brand, which present a high quality level and, moreover, add value to the final product. As a result of this investment, the Grupel+Grupel gensets (composed of components of Grupel’s brand) enable many advantages:

  • They are customizable, adaptable to the most diverse needs of its clients from all over the world;
  • They have a simple and user-friendly yet resistant and robust technology;
  • They are versatile, and can serve any application, from homes, to telecommunications, to agriculture, industry, and construction, among others;
  • They have very competitive prices and a warranty of 2 years or 2000 hours;
  • They follow the European Union’s production norms and quality standards, having the CE seal of approval;
  • They are the result of a combination of components of Grupel’s own brand, thus enabling more attractive delivery times and a quick maintenance and replacement of parts.

Grupel components have proven their quality and efficiency. They demonstrate high yield and performance, durability, a wide range of power, they can operate in various sectors and activities, and have recorded very few after sale incidents.

Get to know what distinguishes each one of them:


  • Wide power range;
  • Robust and highly reliable;
  • Electronic regulation in all power levels;
  • Great load absorption capacity (100% direct loads in most cases);
  • Dimensions similar to the competition;
  • Simple construction without highly complex electronic components;
  • Availability in 50 and 60 Hz (suitable world.wide);
  • Easy preventive and curative maintenance


  • High performance;
  • Better performance in load absorption and stability, since it has more copper than other competing models;
  • High adaptability to voltage changes – up to 450kVA is supplied with 12 wires as standard;
  • Robust outer casing;
  • Wide variety of extras:
  • More sensitive AVR for greater accuracy in rigorous applications;
  • Alternator’s space heater;o PMG (above 400kVA this component is standard).


  • Robust and easy to use;
  • Highly versatile;
  • High resistance;
  • Intuitive operation;
  • Easy-to-install plug-in accessory for WIFI connection – unique on the market for standard range generators;
  • GSM and Ethernet module, with GPS and remote control;
  • Plug-in module for parallel operation between generators or with external mains;
  • Free software;
  • Use of current transformers for current measurement, providing higher accuracy and robustness to the system in short circuits and transient systems;
  • Excellent stock solution due to the ease of changing its configurations.


  • Circuit breaker;
  • Current Transformers;
  • Diesel Sensor;
  • Batteries;
  • Terminal blocks;
  • Battery charger.

If you are looking for a tailored solution that guarantees the best quality, efficiency, and technical assistance, Grupel products are the answer.


Grupel produces and sells a wide range of generators (open or soundproofed), with powers from 3 to 3500kVA, equipped with the best quality components.

With the largest production unit of this type of products in Portugal, located in Aveiro, Grupel ensures great flexibility and production capacity, from standard generators to complex and customized special projects. Moreover, it has differentiated services and a specialized team for situations requiring its intervention/cooperation.

Grupel is a reference brand in the sector, having been recognized by Portuguese consumers with the Five Stars Award in 2021, for the fourth consecutive year. But it is not only recognized in Portugal. Currently, 84% of the company’s turnover is due to its presence in over 70 countries on 5 continents.

Its energy is more and more evident among domestic consumers and increasingly strong among international consumers.