Haffner & Murat Machinery: provides innovative, high quality manufacturing machinery to the window & door fabrication industry

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Haffner & Murat Machinery designs innovative and high quality engineered products at some of the most competitive industry prices. Based in Istanbul in Turkey, the company supplies products to over 95 countries worldwide. They provide new and reconditioned machinery that helps their clients grow their business.

The company has been producing machines for manufacturing PVC, and aluminum windows by combining tradition and innovation. All of Haffner’s products are designed for handicraft and industrial use guaranteeing reliability, longevity, and high precision. Their customer oriented approach makes Haffner more than a product and service supplier, but also a very experienced partner providing unique solutions for your manufacturing needs. Big or small, custom or bulk processing, we have your business covered with a spectrum of tools and machines to satisfy your needs.

Since the merger, Haffner has grown and moved its operations from Germany to its current 25000 square meter facility in Turkey. Today Haffner has grown to sell and provide services in more than 90 countries worldwide while boasting a workforce of over 370 trained employees all working to insure our machines and tools are produced to the highest standards in the industry. However we do not stop there, to ensure unparalleled support, our team of engineers are available 24/7 to provide customer service at a moment’s notice to insure your operations continue as undisturbed as possible.

The move allowed Haffner to greatly increase its production capacity and reduce labor and manufacturing costs without compromising on quality. Through pioneering technology, coupled with a complete understanding of the fabrication market, customers can view firsthand the quality of engineering that goes into every machine. Furthermore all our machines are manufactured and assembled in-house, which ensures that our products are made to the highest possible specification, and are not reliant on third party manufacturers.

With the firm’s policy of constant innovation, outstanding quality and a flexible service approach, Haffner can provide effective machinery solutions, time after time!

“We partner with our clients to provide solutions that are tailored made. Our years of experience in manufacturing excellence, combined with our customer focus make us the number one choice in the window and door fabrication industry. We’re proud to work with fabricators of every size because we believe that manufacturing excellence should be available to all. We are proud to work with fabrication businesses of all sizes, understanding your production issues and addressing them with our products and our people,” Gökhan Güngör.

Expansion on this scale in this economic climate is noteworthy, but Haffner Murat’s continued success in offering a range of machines that make a tangible difference to fabricators and supported by an exceptional technical sales team is something that is reflected in their growing business.