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Industrial & Environmental Concepts Inc (IEC) was formed in 1993 and has become the industry leader in the cover and liner markets. They provide turn-key services that include design, fabrication, and installation for both cover and liner systems and their innovative designs have earned three cover patents.

With over twenty years in the cover and liner industry, IEC has the experience to handle any geomembrane liner project. Their certified technicians are experienced in fabrication, repair and project management, all of which are critical to success of your project. Materials used are High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), PVC, EPDM, and Polypropylene.

According to IEC’s Technical sales manager Dave Anderson, they have installed geomembrane projects throughout North America with clients in Europe, Asia and South America. They started introducing their product line to the African market this year.

Dave advises customers that are considering the use of geomembranes, “Select an experienced company that has been in business for at least 20 years and has hundreds of installations. You will benefit from their experiences and can be assured if they have been in business that long; they have a good business ethic.”

lEC works closely with engineers and contractors on the design, layout and installation of landfill caps and leachate liners. Their experienced crews have successfully installed geomembrane in some of the most challenging basins and shapes and in some of the harshest conditions around the world.

They test every weld and record the results for full accountability and quality assurance. Their customers are provided with test results and locations. Material and workmanship is backed by a full guarantee.

The products they use are extremely durable, long-lasting and U.V. resistant. The liner material provides an inexpensive alternative to concrete which is often used for the petro-chemical industry. Their liners are also proven to be a great choice for landfills, especially to capture leachate to keep it away from aquifers and freshwater sources.

Industrial & Environmental Concepts Inc
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