IWS Water Proof Makes Waves In U.S.

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A small company in the Detroit area of Michigan has formulated an ingenious waterproofing product that is quickly being recognized by contractors and Do-It-Yourself home-owners across the United States for it’s easy application and durable results.

Innovative Waterproofing Solutions (IWS) has been experimenting and refining their waterproofing product formula for several years before arriving at a line of products that has profound advantages to the applicator, whether it is a contractor, handyman or DIY homeowner. “The roller/brush product (IWS Water Proof) is extremely easy to use and safe. It’s just like painting and it’s not solvent based. It is great on concrete, but works really well on wood and variety of other construction materials also. I can seamlessly bridge gaps between a concrete foundation or parapet wall and a wooden recess or window well.” – Dwight VanDrunen of Complete Waterproofing & Construction.

This line of products by IWS are comprised of an asphaltic rubber formulation that is environmentally friendly and safe to use, with a focus on “ease of application”. These products create a durable rubberized membrane that holds up very well in the field and in numerous testing scenarios from ASTM to Miami-Dade. The company is considering distribution agreements outside of the U.S.

Innovative Waterproofing Solutions is a manufacturer of cutting-edge waterproofing products.