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JUTA group is a completely vertically integrated business, beginning with the processing of basic chemicals, polymers and raw materials through the working of these into fibers, tapes or woven fabrics to the finished products. This vertical integration combined with their experience, expertise and state-of-the-art technology is the key to their success.

Their JUNIFOL® membranes are manufactured from high-density-polyethylene (PE-HD), linear-low-density-polyethylene (PE-LLD) and polypropylene (PP), using flat-die extrusion technology.

The product can be manufactured as a mono-layer membrane, alternatively as a co-extruded multi-layer sheet, in two basic widths – 5,1 m and 8,0 m, the thicknesses offered range from 0,6 mm up to 3,0 mm. There are three types of surface available – both sides smooth, one side structured, or two sides structured versions

According to JUTA’s Application Engineer Jan Valášek their JUNIFOL PEHD geomembranes are available in African countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Tanzania and South Africa.

Jan added that they have wide range of construction materials, products for the agricultural industry, high quality artificial turfs, products that are widely used within a wide variety of manufacturing industries.

Due to high quality raw materials used in the production plus a long-lasting and vast experience of their highly qualified personnel uniting in the finished product, their JUNIFOL® membranes represent a reliable insulation solution for a wide range of engineering projects and installations.

The production process of JUNIFOL® membranes complies with all relevant harmonized EU standards. For exports to European and overseas markets alike, JUNIFOL® membranes meet the demands of numerous national quality management systems (BAM, ÖNORM S 2073, ASQUAL, KIWA, BECETEL, DIBt), and the product´s characteristics also fulfill the requirements of GRI-GM13 and GRI-GM17 quality standards, if required.

Currently their Non-woven geotextiles geoNETEX® are manufactured from polypropylene and polyester staple fibres, using needle-punching technology. In order to improve mechanical-physical characteristics of the material, surface of some particular types is modified by calendering (thermal bonding).

The products of geoNETEX® line are supplied in roll widths 0,5 – 6,5 m, in area weights ranging from 90 to 1500 g/m2. Standard colour of geotextiles is white; various other colour modifications are available upon request.
Michal Vágner
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