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KNAUER ENGINEERING was founded in 1987 as an engineering company. At the beginning the production was focused on high quality Vibration Systems and customized solutions in the large field of concrete compaction. Later Vibration Systems for Testing, f.e. for  Quality assurance, Fatigue testing, etc., were added to the production program.

During its establishment the company could fall back on the decades of experience of the company KNAUER Maschinenfabrik GmbH, which was internationally active in the area of the production of small-sized concrete products and where they also developed efficient vibration systems for special applications. The wealth of experience of the KNAUER Maschinenfabrik benefited the young company at the further developments, in particular on the product scale.

The company currently is working in the field of engineering and development of special machines with its own production facilities. Its wide range of products offers custom-made planning to all kinds of users in the field of vibration in the construction sector such as concrete plants in particular.

KNAUER ENGINEERING develops and produces high-grade manufacturing systems as well as durable and reliable machinery: e.g. external vibrators and vibrating tables, concrete block making machines, concrete block moulds as well as control systems for a wide range of application.

In addition KNAUER ENGINEERING provides a number of services like production planning, problem definition and reconstruction in the entire sector of vibration technique and control technique. Referred to vibration technique, the company’s main task is to advise on the production of high-quality and high-grade concrete elements.

KNAUER Services and Support

Beside their excellent products, services are a matter of special importance to Knauer Engineering. Pre-sale and after-sale they provide an optimum support. Sort of fulfillment and specific to the customer needs. Thus an optimum profitability, efficiency and last but not least a long product life could be ensured.

Their products include:

Block making machine Model X 104

The X-104 egglayer / block making machine is easy to operate and suitable for the production of special elements and concrete elements in small quantity. This egglayer / block making machine model is offered in three versions for different heights: 330 mm, 400 mm, 600 mm.

Control system

Reliable control unit for the precise control of the motion. Programming is possible according to desires of the client without programming unit.

Inductive limit switches

Contact less, space saving and wear resistant limit switches guarantee a secure and precise switching function.

Control panel

The control panel is easy to operate and was specially designed for the environment of concrete plants. The company also offers reliable, state of the art HAWE-hydraulic unit (picture: semi-automatic version).

Security standard

High security standards in regards to working reliability and accident prevention; The market for paving tiles, concrete slabs and similar concrete elements demands more and more often individual designs for single customers / projects. The manufacturing of the samples however is more and more difficult, due to the fact that the mass production machines are working to capacity most of the time and a changeover is time intensive and therefore expensive.

To be able to meet the increased requirements for the individual samples it is necessary to have a machine just for the production of samples. The quality of the samples thereby has to be certainly of the same high quality as the products of the mass production machines.

Due to the size of a laboratory machine it is very difficult to integrate all the functions of a mass production machine, which are necessary to achieve the high quality standards, in such a small machine. This could be realized for the first time with the KNAUER Sample / Laboratory machine.

Vibrating table

To achieve an optimal compaction it is necessary to have a strong table vibration and a so called ?brace  table?. The brace table causes shocks, which are absolutely necessary for the high strength requirements of paving tiles and similar concrete products.

The brace table of the laboratory machine is adjustable to be able to be adapted to the specific adjustment of the mass production machine. As a matter of course the frequency and the amplitude of the vibration are adjustable as well.