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Knauf is a German Multinational Corporation that trades in the production and distribution of drywall materials and offering Technical Specification services for Interior and Exterior drywall and Ceiling systems.

On the global scale, the company has taken a leading position in providing excellent and award winning innovations for the drywall industry. The Knauf group is present in its native country with numerous subsidiary companies worldwide, which manufacture innovative products geared towards meeting various requirements of the modern drywall technologies.

With their recent acquisitions of the United States Gypsum Corporation (USG) and Armstrong’s Overseas Ceiling Section, Knauf has carved out a place as one of the world’s leading providers of energy efficient and innovative building Systems.

Some of their Dry wall Systems, can provide fire protection up to more than 180 minutes. Their approach to innovation, technology and services has earned them remarkable awards. Knauf Insulation for instance, has innovated award winning solutions that have displayed their radicle approach and commitment to lead from the front, with their ECOSE Technology, a revolutionary chemical binder technology that eliminates the use of phenol-formaldehyde or acrylic based resins present in traditional mineral wool products. This particular innovation has helped the company win the “manufacturer of the year” award at the UK Building Awards for 2014.

Their range of solutions lies within fire protection, sound insulation, interior thermal comfort, impact resistance etc. Some of the value-added products and services that Knauf provides include:

  • Building materials and systems based on very high-quality gypsum and gypsum related products that meet the highest performance criteria, such as Fire Protection, Impact resistance, Humidity and thermal regulation, X-ray Shield etc.
  • EN-BS & ASTM certified products & systems
  • Multi-purpose joint compounds
  • Knauf Plasters and paints
  • Knauf Aquapanel and Knauf guardex; interior & exterior wall systems
  • Knauf insulation; sustainable, high-performance, cost-effective insulation solutions
  • Knauf Heradesigns; acoustic designs for Interior and Exterior in ceiling & partition systems
  • Knauf integrals; Knauf GIFA floor, sheet paneled access floors
  • Thermal Insulation and sound Insulation materials
  • Value Engineering and Technical Consultancy for Architects, QSs and other consultants to specify and to meet specified design requirements
  • On site hands-on training and supervision for contractors when Installing drywall systems.

Expanding its reach into a vital and rapidly growing market, the company has established a regional Head office in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, with a busy branch in Nairobi Kenya. Both offices are equipped with skilled, experienced staff who are ideally positioned to develop the brand and its superior products and systems throughout the area. An established name for gypsum products and accessories within the building industry, Knauf has cut a niche as a complete Drywall systems Solution for Contractors, Building Specifiers and project developers, rather than a mere commodity brand.

A key component of the core structure of the business is the investment in training local contractors, sub-contractors as well as Building Specifiers and developers. They have recently launched a Drywall Training Center at their Nairobi office in order to provide an opportunity for Skill upgrading on drywall systems as well as holding seminars for building specifiers, to ensure that the industry is well positioned to benefit from the innovative technology used by Knauf, opening doors to a new, efficient path to developing infrastructure in the region.

The company endeavors to provide technical solutions for safe, healthy and comfortable living spaces using Knauf products and systems for buildings, which are innovative, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, fairly priced and sustainable. They go by their philosophy of being; PART OF THE SOLUTION!