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KULCA steel door company – manufacturer/ exporter of steel doors

KULCA steel door company is one of the first and leading manufacturers/ exporters of steel security doors.

Established in 1992 with 11,000m2 of open space and 5,000m2 of closed space,
They have the capacity to produce 15,000 pcs of steel security doors in a year; all enabled by a modern production line.

With distributors in Turkey totaling to 75,
They sell 60% of their products to the domestic market and 40% to global markets, yearly.

Their global markets include:-
Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Nigeria, Kuwait, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Albania, Ukraine, Germany, Holland and Belgium.


Through special research and experiments they were able to invent “Nailed System Doors” which is the First and Only Patented Extra Security Door in Turkey.

This invention is currently patented by the “Turkish Patent Institution.”
Patent number 2001:2469

This system is the first and only in the steel security door sector.
Exclusively produced by Kulca Steel Security Door Company in Turkey.

Upon a customers request, they are able to produce fingerprint and remote controlled lock system doors powered by German Technology.

They are on a mission.
Envisioned to increase quality and security, they boast of high quality products with competitive prices, creative/ modern designs and customer satisfaction.

Their aim is to become a united whole with the slogan “A Life Time of Friendship.”

All their products have a TSE quality certificate, with ISO 9001:2000 certification.


00 90 546 797 2102


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