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KwikspaceInnovators in Turnkey Accommodation and Construction Site Solutions

Kwikspace Modular Buildings is a leading designer, manufacturer and erector of prefabricated buildings for deployment in Sub-Saharan Africa, across a wide range of industries.

They have been accommodating our clients in oil & gas, power generation, construction, mining and government sectors for over 40 years and are one of the largest and most diverse suppliers of prefabricated buildings on the African continent.

They supply site-erected buildings, rapid deployment units and fully equipped shipped-to-site structures, allowing our customers to manage projects and accommodate their people with varying degrees of urgency, demand and cost effectiveness. All of our buildings are assembled using fully insulated polyurethane injected panels, which provide temperature control and noise reduction far superior to standard prefabricated panels.

Their factories in the cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Tete Mozambique allow us to respond quickly to projects in the SADC region as well as further along the West and East coast of the continent. We have our own professional logistics department which manages loading, transport, materials management and siting to support timely project progress.

In 2012 Kwikspace was tasked with rolling out over 143 classrooms and 29 laboratories at 41 different schools in the Eastern Cape in a four month period. This region is notorious for its lack of infrastructure, little, or in some cases no roads and extremely rough terrain. Through dedication and efficiency, Kwikspace were able to deliver on not only the 1st phase but also a further 240 classrooms for the 2nd phase well within the allocated time.

Kwikspace also has the largest rental fleet on the continent with over 3000 units, from ablution, site accommodation and site office ready for deployment with in days of receiving the order.

Whether it’s a personnel camp, site office, classrooms, clinics or ablutions you need, Kwikspace has a speedy solution for your organisation – wherever the location and whatever the conditions. Our buildings can be ordered with air-conditioning, furnishings, burglar proofing, insect control, equipped kitchen andlaundries, further simplifying your project procurement processes.

Nick Alexander, Director of Business Development for Kwikspace Modular Buildings in Africa says time factor is intrinsic to the market for prefabricated buildings. Unlike brick and mortar structures, prefabricated buildings are rapidly deployed and the ability to deliver products speedily is a challenge to most suppliers. Further to this, customers require flexible solutions; products that can be customised to suit their needs. The versatility of products in this sense, as well as the ability to relocate units has become quite a trend. They say also at times there is the challenge of convincing customers to consider the benefits of quality rather than choosing cheap alternatives that don’t meet all of their requirements.

The net result has positioned Kwikspace in the forefront of the industry and more specifically as a leader in the provision of accommodation.

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