LG Sonic donates algae control system to Girls High School in Kwale, Kenya

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The Dutch algae treatment company, LG Sonic, has donated an algae control system which will be used to improve the water quality at the Girls High School in Kwale, Kenya.

The algae control project is part of a larger project conducted by the Verkaart Development Team (VDT) to collect rainwater during the rainy season.

The estimated 2 million liters of collected water will be used as drinking water, and for showering and washing. Any excess water will be sold to villagers in order to finance the school.

Improving the water quality

The VDT water project at the Girls High School in Kwale, Kenya consists of several activities such as developing water basins to collect rainwater.

Because of high temperatures, algae can grow in the basins, causing severe problems with toxicity, taste and odor. In order to prevent the basin water becoming polluted and unsuitable for water treatment, the algae must be controlled.

By integrating LG Sonic algae control devices in the treatment process, drinking water has been successfully created in Kwale.

Ultrasonic algae control to prevent clogged filters

A UV filter is then used to create potable water. VDT decided to install an LG Sonic e-line in order to prevent and control algae growth. The advanced system emits specific ultrasonic parameters to control algae on smaller water surfaces such as ponds and basins.

The sound waves create ultrasonic pressure on the top layer of the water, controlling algae in various ways depending on its type. As a result, the water can flow easily through a sand filter without becoming clogged. A UV filter is then used to create potable water.

LG Sonic Winner of Shell LiveWIRE Award 2014

In December 2014 LG Sonic won the Shell LiveWIRE Award, which was announced during the final at the Shell Technology Centre, Amsterdam.

LG Sonic received the award of €10,000 for the successful development and commercialization of the MPC-Buoy, an environmentally friendly system for monitoring and controlling toxic algal blooms.

Part of the money is being used to donate the algae control system to the Girls High School.

Verkaart Development Team

The Verkaart Development team is a private charity foundation, its main goal is to structurally facilitate and support projects that efficiently and sustainably build the future of Kenya. www.vdt.nl