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Lumin Lighting, based in Shenzhen was founded in 2008 and has since then become a a fast-growing semiconductor lighting manufacturer and supplier in China. The company is committed to developing, manufacturing, and popularizing LED lights, helping people with energy-saving, carbon emission reduction, and maintainable development. It also focuses on innovating high-end and high-quality office and commercial lighting business.

The key product lines of the company mainly include LED panel light, LED pendant light, and LED downlight. They also provide professional customized lighting solutions to customers.

Excellent research and development team

The company boasts an excellent research and development team. At present, Lumin Lighting has been recognized as a leading LED lighting brand in the global green lighting market.

With key emphasis on quality, Lumin pays attention during production process by complying with ISO 9001 Quality System. They further train workers to raise their awareness of quality. All their LED lights products pass certifications of TUV, UL, CB,SAA, CE,RoHs.

The company’s products have been exported to over 80 countries and regions in the world such as Spain, France, Italy, Japan, and India, establishing close business relation with local distributors, lighting consultants, building contractors as well as end users.

Lumin Lighting has been committed to developing, manufacturing, and popularizing LED lighting products, responding to the government‘s policy of energy-saving, emission reduction, and maintainable development.

Projects undertaken

Among the projects the company has embarked on include installation of high bay SPG-D200 at 14m height workshop in Niigata ken,Japan. For this project, Lumin company offered several DIALux simulation based on different flux requirements, and the customer was very satisfied with the final solution. High bay lamp were installed in two rows and five lamps on each raw. The light of uniformity was very nice  and the situ tested average flux on floor is 280lx, which perfectly meet their customer’s requirements.

Lumin has tailored a set of LED lighting solutions for pure stores in Shenzhen to make the entire store sparkle and the brand is very strong, attracting a large number of customers into the store to purchase clothing. Lumin has many years of exploration and research for commercial offices. It can provide professional comprehensive solutions based on commercial office space and can provide personalized customized services. Lumin provides retailers with the perfect lighting solution.