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Mandhry Associates offers complete quantity surveying and related services in the field of construction work covering building, civil and structured activities.

It was established by Ali A. Mandhry in August 2010 and started operating in January 2011.Despite its recent establishment, the Mombasa based firm has been commissioned in over 50 projects that have earned it a reputable name in the construction industry. Mandhry Associates is run by Mr. Ali Mandhry, who has a thirty-year experience in the Quantity Survey industry alongside an associate and two other assistant Quantity Surveyors.


Some of the most significant projects the firm has been involved in include  Medina Palms project, Ocean Seven, which is a 54-apartment block; Right Address, a 44 apartment block; Harlow, a 30-apartment block; and Kilua, which is a 74 apartment block.

Others are Tamarid Village refurbishment, Coast International University Malindi Phase 1, and Jaffery project which comprises a big three-storey mosque, a five-storey prayer hall and two 21 storey apartment blocks which have 96 apartments.

Mandhry Associates provides clients with estimates before the commencement of a project. It also offers other services such as the preparations of Bills of Quantities, Analysis and reports on tenders. The firm ensures that there is financial control during construction up to completion as well as prepare cost analysis and provide Arbitration services.

Mr. Ali Mandhry says integrity, professionalism and dedication are what make services at Mandhry Associates unique and this makes clients prefer to work with them. The firm believes in team work and is a good team player when they work with other building professionals in different projects.

Massive Involvement

In a dynamic industry where technology keeps improving and innovation is always sought out for, the firm uses the latest quantity surveying computer programmes in all their projects. In addition to that, all employees are computer literate and undergo regular training to update their skills.

The firm gets involved from the initial stages of architectural sketches where they prepare estimates, which are the cost plan of the project. Once a budget is proposed and agreed upon, the firm prepares the bill of quantities which a tender document is used in getting the best prices from building contractors.

Tendering is done either by selective tendering where the consultant reconnects a tender list of contractors asked to bid for the project or through negotiations with the preferred contractor on open bidding where the client invites interested contractors to collect documents for tendering.

Once the tendering process is done, Mandhry Associates go over the documents to ensure that the amount stipulated does not exceed the budget, a situation that happens quite often.

The firm does a monthly valuation for the client which is the recommendation of payments for work done on site. At the same time during the construction, the firm prepares a financial approval which gives the client the idea of the financial status of the project. These could have been brought about by changes a client wants or upgrading specifications.

At the end of any project, Mandhry Associates does a final account with the Main contractor and sub constructions on behalf of their client.

Mr. Mandhry is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and has been appointed as Independent Arbitrator in many building disputes. These appointments have been by the Architectural Association of Kenya, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Kenya and the Courts.