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Maxcel – manufacture of plastic electrical products and LED

Maxcel was established in 1996 with their headquarters in India.

Maxcel Plast is a top manufacturer of switchboards and electrical accessories and
MX Glow a leading LED Manufacturer.

They have an ultra modern manufacturing facility, with the latest infrastructure and testing units.

All this to supply perfect quality products to their customers.

Maxcel Plast  products include:-

  • Modular Gang Box / PVC Concealed Box
  • Blank Board
  • Mica Wood Box
  • G.I. Metal Concealed
  • Open Surface Modular Box
  • PVC Concealed/ Fan Box
  • Nice Holder Point Plates/ Round Plates
  • Maxcel Holder
  • Distribution Box

Maxcel Plast is a name that is recognized.

It is a very well established name known in the Industry for its top end quality.

Continuous market orientation has made the company expand its product line.

Thanks to the approach of providing consistent, accurate and quality products, today they have more than 220 products.

MX Glow

MX GLOW offers a wide range of international quality LED lighting solutions.

This is for varied applications providing effective and energy-efficient lighting.

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In any environment from residential and retail, to commercial and industrial applications. MX glow has an R&D team, HR team, IT solution team, digital marketing team, designing team, production team and also a highly skilled and experienced team, who work together to create the best quality LED products.

MX Led lighting is changing the world to enable a better life.

They offer you cost effective and efficient lighting.

They serve quality based products with attractive prices.

The company is involved in developing retrofit led products and solutions which are best fitted to the needs of the end users.­­

MX Glow products include LED:

Streetlights, Flood-Lights, Panel Lights, Junction Light, Tube Light, Bulbs & Down Lights




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