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MIAKOM specializes in the production of geosynthetic materials for all sectors of construction industry. The firm produces a wide range of products for: road construction, airports, railways, seaports, and landfills.

On professionals and innovative, Ekaterina Shraer, Project manager states that, “All our products are CE marked. The company is a partner, which understands your needs, and will do everything to find effective solutions for difficult and unusual questions in road constructions design, coordination and building. We guarantee high quality of our products and related services. The Company intends to lead the market in design and manufacture of innovative geosynthetics and continues to provide ground-breaking solutions”.

MIAKOM has a qualified professionals that are committed to the development of innovative and cost-effective geosynthetic solutions in all conditions; the most common aims include followings: Road base reinforcement, Slopes reinforcement, Coast reclamation of naturally impounded bodies or artificial ponds, Structural engineering of roadway, railway, access points, logistic centers; Drainage and erosion preventive systems installation and Eco parking construction.

The company invest heavily on researches in different spheres (such as soil engineering, valuation of road base, specifications of geosynthetic materials). Furthermore MIAKOM has backing personnel development (of design centers) with the application of modern software systems

MIAKOM enjoys good sales in Africa confirming to this Shraer states that, “Africa is an important market, because it’s a fast-growing market, it’s very interesting for constructors, who are our main customers. And we think that our innovative and cost-effective products will be interesting for African market. We are looking for some partner from Africa, who are interested in working us “.

To remain relevant in this hyper- changing market the company has employed a unique range of solutions. For instance they have unrivalled experience in geosynthetics industry and the Company has developed a reliable partner reputation. In addition they work closely with their clients where they use customer interactions in the market to inform their products and sales processes. Explaining this Shraer states that, “We had a plan to visit a lot of African exhibitions this year, but because of COVID-19 situation we postponed it. However, we have participated in Digital marketing Festival in Africa. It was our first experience in On-line exhibitions”.

MIAKOM is a modern Russian company that specializes in the production of geosynthetic materials for all sectors of construction. The company’s own production facility, with an area of 13,500 m2, is located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The total area of the industrial and warehouse complex is 3 ha. The company employs 200 people. Every year MIAKOM produces at least 15 million m2 of various types of geosynthetic materials.