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MILES LIFT is a family owned machinery manufacturing company with its’ headquarters located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Armed with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing high quality hydraulic equipment, they have expanded their product line thanks to superior engineering, manufacturing and assembly techniques.


The group consist of 3 different companies under its corporate structure, namely:-

  1. Miles Lift
  2. Miles GSE (Aviation)
  3. Miles Machine



Manufactures and supplies Load Lifts, Scissor Platforms, Hydraulic Ramps, Tail Lifts and Disabled Lifts.

Their products are famous for being long lasting and the first choice for large retail stores/ logistical companies. (Carrefour, Metro, IKEA, DHL, Unilever, Starbucks)

Miles Lift has a 65% market share in the “Load Lift” segment in Turkey, exporting mostly to Europe, GCC Countries, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Kenya and South Africa.


Manufactures and supplies Aircraft Catering Trucks, Cabin Cleaning Trucks, PRM Medical Lift Trucks, Toilet Service Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Water Service Trucks and Maintenance Platform Lifts.
They are used by airlines and ground handling companies to meet the high standards of the aviation industry and customer’s own specific requirements.
With significant support from the Turkish aviation industry, mostly Turkish Airlines, they have became the first choice for Turkish Ground Handling Companies.
They positioned themselves as the leading GSE manufacturer in the region of Eastern Europe and Turkey by 2016.
They export mostly to Europe and as well as GCC and ASIAN Countries. 
Manufactures and supplies a wide range of Tow Trucks such as Euro-lift Truck, Sliding Platform Recovery Truck and Crane Equipped Lift Away Truck.
They have partnered with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Kiev City Municipality and Bucharest Municipality as well as with many traffic foundations and municipalities in many countries all around the world; such as Peru, Qatar, Oman, Russia and Moldova etc.
Euro-lift Truck (Side Loader Recovery) is their signature product.
It is the fastest tow truck in the world thanks to its under the chassis mounted cameras and a monitor in the cabinet.
The operator can tow a car in 30 seconds without leaving the cabin and drive away as if playing games a joystick control.
This operation has been tested to take 60 seconds
All 3 companies ensure to provide clients with the best possible return on investment, thanks to their longer product life cycles and lower maintenance metrics.
All products conform to all EC Directives.
The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and places a keen emphasis on complying to all country-specific regulations associated with the manufacture of Lift Products, Aviation Products and Tow Trucks.