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Modular Building
Modular Building in Navarre, Spain

ARCO, is a Spanish company specialized in designing and manufacturing modular construction such as schools, commercial offices, farms, hospitals, sports equipment etc.

Modular construction is quicker and cheaper than traditional structures, and can be better adapted for each client needs. ARCO collaborates with the customer (public/private organisations and NGOs) providing all designing, planning, manufacturing, installing and training requirements for any turn-key projects. In this regard, ARCO thus provides an integral service and best practice that suitably complies with the end-user’s unique specifications.

They make their prefabricated constructions, assembling their prefabricated modules to obtain completely finished prefabricated buildings with inside and outside finishes similar to those of traditional constructions. Floors may be wood, PVC, concrete, ceramic, and walls and roof with heat-insulated panels, glass, aluminium, wood or any other kind of conventional enclosure.

The homes designed by MÓDULOS ARCO are targeted at a wide sector of the population due to their versatility to adapt to present social demands and the specific preferences of each family, permanent home, holiday home, or even social home.

Gonzalo Sanz from MÓDULOS ARCO says that their products are available in Africa and at the moment they are working in Mauritania, but they have worked in other countries such as Angola, Congo and Algeria, and they are also studying a project for Senegal.

He adds on that their products fit perfectly for the African environment, because of the ease to assemble (no important machinery needed), good materials (for the heat environment) and easy transporting kit form.