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Pavex Parquet is a Romanian company specializing in the creation and manufacturing of decorative parquetry inlays more precisely borders and medallions. These inlays, whether they are borders or medallions are worked in solid hardwoods allowing the creation of various design compositions with the purpose of obtaining a high-value, personalized-aesthetic hardwood flooring or parquet flooring.

The inlays manufactured are compatible with the simple, usual hardwood flooring and ending up to various parquet flooring designs whether they are created from simple blocks or from intricate parquet panels. Partially handcrafted the decorative inlays incorporate combinations of various hardwood species especially African ones. All installations are traditional glue down, sanding, possibly staining and finishing. Floor men that are usually doing solid installations can relatively easily accomplish the job of installing inlays.

The unique feature about Pavex products is that they are suitable for installation in hardwood flooring or parquet flooring. There are no implications on the environment to be considered for their products.

Pavex Parquet’s inlays are grouped in two collections “GEOMETRICA” and “MARQUETERIA”. The GEOMETRICA inlays are created from geometrically shaped components while the MARQUETERIA are created mainly from round shaped pieces of wood.

Almost each product is available in various wood combinations. Apart from the patterns presented on our website we can make personalized creations. The hardwood floor borders – regardless their type – are used to separate two different arrangements inside the same hardwood floor unit.


Pavex Parquet


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