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Founded in 1932 by René Moineau, the inventor of the Progressing Cavity Pump, and Robert Bienaimé, from Gévelot Group, PCM is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of positive displacement pumps and fluid-handling equipment.

Its specialty is developing solutions for the lifting, transfer, dosing, mixing and filling of abrasive, fragile, viscous, corrosive, hot or heavy products. Present around the world, PCM provides solutions to three main sectors: Oil & Gas, Food and Industry.

PCM is divided into four clusters and has more than 20 branches and subsidiaries worldwide, gathering about 600 employees from 35 different nationalities. PCM continues to evolve to be closer to its customers by opening new subsidiaries: PCM Group Australia Pty Ltd in April 2013, LLP PCM Kazahkstan in July 2013 and recently PCM Chile Spa in April 2014.

One of the latest company developments is the EcoMoineau™ M Series. This is a range of pumps dedicated to liquid sludges and reagents pumping in environmental markets. The EcoMoineau™ M pump is characterized by an ecological and an economical approach: through eco-design, these pumps are lighter and smaller than the previous generation. Moreover, they are designed to reduce life cycle costs: drive systems (motor-reducer, speed variator) are built-in and the base forms a single unit with the pump body.

Easy to install, the EcoMoineau™ M pumps are provided with mechanical seal to ensure a proper sealing and an easier operation (absence of soiling due to leakage).

The EcoMoineau™ M pumps are designed with abrasion and corrosion materials. Then, the original design of the shaft line guarantees the reduction of in the pump and the inspection holes facilitate their elimination. These pumps comply with the environmental standards that are respected by PCM, ISO 14001 certified company.

The range’s main applications are the pumping and the transfer of raw waste water and viscous products: liquid sludge, scum, polymers, lime milk, activated carbon slurry, etc.

Amandine ROMAN-ROS, Communication Officer at PCM says that their products can be found in African countries like Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Niger, Ghana, Cameroon, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and DRC.


PCM Europe S.A.S

Amandine ROMAN-ROS

Communication officer

[email protected]