Piling Equipment Ltd: Leading Supplier of both New and Used Piling Machinery

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Piling Equipment Ltd is a UK-based supplier of foundation drilling rigs and piling equipment. The company supplies both new and used piling machinery for UK hire and worldwide sales.

Speaking on the company’s global presence, Mark Symes, Managing Director states that, “Piling Equipment Ltd is very much an international company. We have a strong global presence and clients situated around the world. We have been successfully trading with clients located all over Africa (North and South) for 15 years. We sell an assortment of new and used piling and drilling machinery and equipment which is very well suited to the African construction market.

We are the exclusive worldwide dealer for Cobra rigs. Additionally, we are an agent of Geax, this allows us to sell new machines within certain geographical territories (where no current dealership exists) and used machinery (over 1000 hours/ minimum age of 1 year) worldwide”.

Piling Equipment Ltd, has an extensive and diverse range of new and used piling machinery and drilling equipment available for sale. The company can meet a variety of project needs, from CFA and rotary piling, to large diameter and tight access jobs. They sell a range of rigs and equipment and guarantee to have something for every project and every jobsite.


Geax rigs are infamous for their versatility, manoeuvrability, compact structure, power, and operator-friendly usability. We stock all three Geax ranges, the XD, DTC and EK series. The Geax machines offer maximum performance and flexibility and are able to operate extremely well in tough conditions. Additionally, we can supply Geax rigs with various engine specifications, ranging from Tier 3 up to Tier 5, depending on the customer’s individual emissions requirements.


Cobra rigs have been designed to be durable and powerful whilst maintaining a compact structure and small footprint. We offer two Cobra ranges, drophammers and rotary rigs, with multiple variants of each range. These rigs are perfectly suited to working on restricted access sites or in confined spaces where headroom may be limited.

Second-hand Machinery:

Piling Equipment Ltd stocks a wide variety of high-quality second-hand piling machinery and equipment, including rigs of various makes and models and drilling accessories such as augers, casings, mixing plants and oscillators. All of their used equipment and machinery is fully inspected and serviced pre-sales ensuring it is totally compliant and ready to work upon arrival to site.

Symes urges clients that, “Despite our physical location being in the UK, our team have many years’ experience with international sales and negotiations. Our international purchasing process is straightforward, and due to our location, we have access to a large number of UK ports, enabling us to ship abroad with ease.

Prior to shipping our team conduct all necessary safety and maintenance checks to ensure all machinery is fully operational and safe to export. Our team will arrange all transportation from our HQ to the docks and onto the final destination. We will also ensure all documentation, such as insurance and customs forms, are completed. Our team will also provide you with regular updates throughout the process.”