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The Prefa Technologies a.s. is a supplier of technological lines and molds for production plants of precast concrete construction elements, i.e. molding technology, production lines, special lifting beams, technology for storing of loose materials (i.e. silos including accessories, transport tracks, control systems, etc.) and other technology.

They offer producing and repairing stone crushers of various types and manufacturers. Besides machines and equipment from its own production program, Prefa Servis Company offers you the design, production and assembly of technological systems and special molds in accordance with your requirements.

Through 50 years they accumulated a vast know how of many equipment’s for Bridges, roads, residential, factory and halls buildings, railways tramways, Sewage, drainage products

Prefa Technologies’ presence in Africa

“We began our first contact in the African market in September 2018 where we met with builders from Egypt, Libya, Djibouti, Sudan also we have contacts from Ghana and Tunisia.  We need our clients to send us their inquiries for quotations including what they need to be manufactured; its measurements, and for what use, if it is in our range of production we will send them our offer, technically with prices. If not then we are able together with their technician to innovate new solutions tailored to their needs”, explains Petr Kopecký, Sales manager.

What has hindered the implementation of precast concrete as an ideal form of affordable housing construction in Africa

“I think the know how was missed, after the second world war  in Europe there was a vast need for accommodation needed in a short time, in one hand because of the big destruction and in the second hand because of the demographic growth and baby boom as well as new families after the war in need of accommodation, precast technology was the solution, quicker, cheaper, stronger, and looks better than the traditional concrete technologies , which enabled a quick solution and specially in east Europe  where was implemented under the central guided economies the plans went very quickly,” he adds.

According to Kopecký education, and spreading the information about the technology ought to be done to encourage more use of precast concrete in Africa. Thereafter, manufacturers of precast equipment can help to enlighten on equipment’s and technology. Precast technologies are used to save, time, money enabling, production in serial and mass production scale.

Buildings which are cheaper, quicker, in big amounts, and in better shape it looks more beautiful, this technology was used in vast way in east Europe after the second world war to cover the big lack of accommodation.

Storage of loose materials

They offer a complete assortment of storage bins for raw materials for quarries, sandpits, central storage bins for concrete plants, silos for cement, foodstuff storage bins and other bins for loose materials.

Their delivery of silos and storage bins includes the equipment and all related equipment, including control systems for weighing, filling and discharging in relation to other technological equipment.

The company design and construct this equipment within their own construction group. They ensure the production by highly qualified employees which are equipped with the necessary machines. All storage bins and silos are delivered including supporting constructions, ladders, railings, filling piping and other accessories.