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Pure Aqua, Inc. is a water treatment systems company based in Santa Ana, California, and for the last 14 years they have designed and manufactured high-end industrial water treatment systems and facilities for corporate clients and municipalities around the world. They specialize in industrial and commercial sized systems. Most popularly, reverse osmosis systems.

The systems are designed and built in their California based plant, and shipped to their customers around the world, fully assembled and maintained by qualified professionals.

Their systems are durable and designed for heavy use and are built specifically to purify the water. Their systems are suitable for mining water purification, salt water purification, military bases, brackish water, water treatment plants and agricultural purposes, to name a few.

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Reverse Osmosis Systems

The systems are capable of transforming anywhere from 500 to 900,000 gallons per day in to pure, potable water for everyday use and are custom designed for restaurants all the way up to municipal sized treatment plants. In Africa there systems are found in Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Cameron, Kenya, Djibouti, Angola, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Equatorial Guinea and Senegal.

They were recently involved in a Water Relief project where 6 of their solar powered treatment systems were sent to Cameroon to purify their river water into potable, drinkable water. Also they have participated in the WQA, Algeria water and Power, and the 5 big shows in Dubai Aquatec Amsterdam.

They have acquired a sterling reputation for building fully customizable water treatment systems for any use, in any weather and for any type of water. They have built thousands of systems over more than a decade, and have sent them to hundreds of countries. They are also a member of the Water Quality Association and an ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Nick Eberhardt, Media relations advices potential buyer to provide correct details for the water analysis for them to be supplied with the most effective system that fulfill their water requirement.
Eberhardt also commented on the emerging trends regarding the systems that, “Solar powered systems will become most popular, containerized and portable systems with their own climate control.”

Pure Aqua, Inc.
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Media Relations
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