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RECKLI: Custom façade design with architectural concrete

RECKLI stands for custom façade design with architectural concrete. As a producer of reusable elastic textured formliners, planners and architects all around the world place their trust in them – and have done for 50 years.

You can use RECKLI formliners to give your exposed concrete façade a unique look. The combination of the latest machine technology and traditional craftsmanship allows unique textures, graphics, photos or three-dimensional visualizations to be realized in concrete, without breaking the bank.

They are world leader in manufacture and supply of formliner or rubber moulds which are necessary to achieve pattern on concrete. RECKLI also provided formliners to achieve pictures on concrete, Release agents, Retarders for exposed aggregate concrete and concrete surface protection products (water repellent)


There’s 50 years of research and development in their products. As well as their finished textured formliners, they also offer products for your own use. Polyurethane, silicone, epoxides and fillers to shape, model or seal, as well as RECKLI accessories, are used by their customers worldwide on a daily basis and they all meet strict quality standards.

RECKLI experts support you in your project: technicians, model builders, joiners, draftsmen, lab technicians and concrete technicians are on duty for all customers worldwide. Their experience, creativity and product standards make them the first point of contact for textured formliners to produce architectural concrete to the highest design and quality standards

In Africa, they are currently present in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and in South Africa. In the last two years they have started presenting their products into other African countries starting with Kenya and Uganda.


Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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