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Regupol America, German-based BerleburgerSchaumstoffwerk (BSW®) invented a technology that revolutionized sports and fitness flooring: the technique of recycling tires into rubber flooring. Using German engineering, BSW created a product with great marks in precision and performance: Recycled Gummi Polymer.

Regupol America is an American subsidiary of BSW, located in Lebanon, PA. Engineered in Germany and made in America, their products are known for outreaching the competitors in quality and consistency. With Regupol products fully represented globally, the world can’t get enough of recycled rubber surfaces. Their advanced manufacturing pushes the elements to provide the best results, both on and off playing field

According to Regupol America’s vice president of sales and marketing their company is not technically focusing is Africa but their products are available and can be directly purchased from them .

The company is more than just sports surfacing. They also produce OEM products like RegupolLoadSecure™ and performance solutions like Impacta-Regupol®Acoustic Insulation. Recycled rubber delivers durability and protection where you need it most, without sacrificing sustainability. Whether used to protect surfaces and optimize load transport or to dampen sound and vibration, Regupol rubber surfaces get it done.

Regupol America helps athletes find success in multiple arenas. Weightlifters, Division I players, Professional Athletes, and Olympic champions all look to Regupol to produce surfaces that brave the fiercest challenges. From the home track of world record-holder Usain Bolt to small athletic facilities throughout America, their products stand strong to ensure superior results.


Regupol America

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Public Relations

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John P. Aten

Vice President of Sales and Marketing