Ruaha Energy launches first hybrid power generation facility in Tanzania

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Ruaha Energy has said that it has effectively installed and launched its first hybrid (solar/biomass) power generation facility and distribution network in Zombo Village in the Kilosa District of Tanzania.

Power was first delivered from the Company’s Zombo Village solar energy facility in mid-December 2016 to the first block of houses that have been connected to the mini-grid erected by the Company at the village.

Over the next months, we look forward to deliver reliable green energy to more than 1,500 homes, small trades, and community institution (like schools, dispensaries, offices, and churches) in Zombo and numerous nearby villages.

The Company supplies power to residential customers, and industrial traders, triple phase power to small-scale agro processors and other township business ventures.

The Company’s CEO, John Tate said, “With this significant highlight, we are on track to delivering reliable and inexpensive renewable energy to the underserved rural communities in Kilosa District.

We have partnered with the Kilosa District Council to set up off-grid renewable energy facilities in up to 100 rural community sites. With this launch, we’ve began the journey.”

The hybrid power generation model uses biomass and solar photovoltaic power generation equipment, delivering power via a mini-grid distribution system built, owned, run, and sustained by the Company.

Incomplete funding for the project was supplied through a grant given to the Company by the Energy and Environmental Partnership for Southern and Eastern Africa, which was sponsored by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the Austrian Development Agency, and the UK Department for International Development.

Ruaha Energy conveys “power to the people” by mounting consumers’ access to reliable and affordable energy. The Company endeavors to implement sustainable, clean energy solutions that optimize the renewable resources accessible in each market or village it serves, helping to unfasten the entrepreneurial latent of its patron’s.

The solutions they offer allows accelerated economic development in the communities we serve.