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Sage Projects is a construction cost consultancy firm registered under the regulatory body; Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors (BORAQS). The company focuses- on the delivery of quantity surveying and project management services.


Although a young and dynamic firm, it is one that holds central to its core, a culture of unwavering professionalism and excellence. This has entrenched the company into a position where it can be trusted to deliver high value and complex projects in both the private and public sectors. The company has been responsible for the management of major housing projects in the property industry.

Proposed apartments on Rhapta Road


We have expanded our horizons of business to contract management services to Contractors with an aim to aptness. Qs. Paul Sagi one of the Directors asserted that, “Sage Project is in the industry to fill the gap of contract management. According to him most contractors rarely have a knack to execute contract management in construction projects.

This ensures the company will achieve its goal of providing first class Quantity Surveying and Project Management Service to clients. We also assist them maximize their potential and stimulate their growth. Notably, our competitors are shying away from offering construction contract management services. Thus we thoroughly represent contractors and sub-contractors,” he clarifies.

The management team’s quality first hand experience makes these unique services possible. Some of the areas include feasibility studies, life cycle costing, project procurement as well as contract management. “We provide initial cost advice and preliminary budget estimates. We also help with cost targets and cash flow projections. Furthermore, we have experts who advise on contract and procurement procedures in addition to preparing tender inquiry documents. Other competencies include cost monitoring, reporting and control throughout construction,” he added.

“Our services are tailored to each client’s needs and range. We start from assisting in-house teams to taking full responsibility for management of the entire process. This is from site acquisition to final handover of the completed project. We distinguish ourselves through integrity, professionalism, research and superior service. The company boasts of a team of exceptionally talented, knowledgeable and dedicated individuals. All these display an unflinching commitment to service excellence,” he added.

Housing developments at Mavoko municipality for everest limited


Since its inception in 2011, the firm accumulated creditable reputation in the field of quantity surveying, project and contract management. Sage Projects has grown its data base each year from institution facilities, private, government and commercial clients countrywide.

We work closely with the client and the professional team. This has enabled  us to strategize, implement and complete projects; our focus being building solid relationships through flair, strategic approach, great service delivery and overall effective execution.

Moreover, the Principals’ involvement at every stage of each project as well as the dedication of the firm’s support team highly contributes to the success of Sage Projects. Additionally, the computerization of all design and drafting work and continuous investment and training in the latest CAD technology ensures a greater level of coordination and attention to detail.

Basically, the company offers advice according to the various circumstances. As he explains, “on cost management; QS can go through the project documents and offer parallel check on project cost and establish whether the project will be feasible or otherwise. When there is flaws on contract drawings / specifications they steer up value engineering to control project cost or advise otherwise. On project management QS offers a reinforcing 3rd eye in the project. “Many contractors are unaware of various contractual claims and ways to seek contractual recourse in event they are not at default.

The Society, although fairly enlightened, is still limited in the awareness and the significance of involving a quantity surveyor through out the project life cycle,” affirms Qs. Paul Sagi.