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Salher is a company dedicated to design and manufacture of urban and industrial water treatment plants, water purification plants and all kinds of accessories for wastewater treatment. The company produces their equipment in Glass-fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) rotational moulding system, with simultaneous spraying: complete water thickness, resistance to corrosion and abrupt temperature changes, easy underground installation leading to reduction of visual impact and odour problems, and a life time longer than concrete or steel material.

In its ​pursuit to ​search for an ​increasingly ​global market, ​SALHER has an ​international ​and multicultural ​team with the six ​official ​languages of ​its headquarters ​in Spanish,​ French, ​English, Polish,​ Portuguese and ​Russian. This fosters a better understanding ​ and communication with their clients and suppliers.

Basing on their quality products, Cristina Alda, the Marketing specialists states that the company has backed up by the constant research and development performed by their R&D team. With this production system in their three factories in Spain, Portugal and Poland and assisted by the firm’s technical department, they can provide new products according to the customer needs, since pre-treatment to reuse system, in more than 80 countries. The company designs and manufactures their own equipment under strict quality parameters. Throughout this process, they do complete monitoring and control to achieve excellence in each product.

“First and most, our products are efficient, the treatment results are guaranteed by Salher and our drinking water plants comply with WHO standards. Our water treatment systems are modular (can be extended by the adding supplementary modules), cost-effective, can be containerized or easy to transport on 20′ and 40′ containers. Our offer includes Drinking Water Treatments Plants, Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants and Domestic (Urban) Wastewater Treatment Plants,” Alda explains.

The company’s water sector clients are companies involved in wastewater treatment, construction, engineering, also public bodies, SMEs and multinational companies. Their plant range covers needs for 50 to 5.000 Population equivalent. Their current markets are mostly in the northern African countries such as Morocco, Algeria and Tunis and as well as some countries in the Gulf of Guinea (Nigeria and Ivory Coast mainly). “We design and manufacture wastewater treatment plants and drinking water systems worldwide. We have participated in several exhibitions in Africa this is to ensure we work closely with our clients. We only have distributors in Africa in some countries: Ivory Coast, Morocco, Cameroun and Algeria.

Salher has been involved in various large projects in Africa, mainly in Morocco, Algeria and Ivory Coast (countries on which Construction Review in not distributed). We also have an ongoing rather big project in Nigeria. Unfortunately we are subjected to a NDA for this project in Nigeria but probably by the end on 2020 we will be allowed to communicate about it, once the WWTP is constructed. The company’s technical teams develop the design of each project, carrying out the manufacture, supplying and commissioning of projects. This is to guarantee that the choice of system is appropriate for each application. In addition, we are certificated ISO 9001:2015,” Alda Concludes.