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Shell Shock Designs Ltd produce one of the worlds largest ranges of:-

  • Opulent mother of pearl mosaic tiles
  • Translucent faux alabaster panels
  • Semi-precious stone tiles
  • Reclaimed old wood mosaics

With the aim to create spectacular interiors both beautiful and practical,

Their products are used in exclusive residences, hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars throughout the world.

They source the finest quality seashells from around the globe.

They also farm their own freshwater mother of pearl on the banks of the Poyang Lake, China’s largest freshwater lake.

From there, their skilled team of farmers cultivate the Mother of Pearl producing up to 75,000 sq meters per year.

They are actively looking at ways of reducing carbon emissions &

To lead this work, they have established an Environmental Task-force which includes partners, directors and others from across the firm.

Meeting regularly to discuss how they can reduce their impact on the environment and optimize their ability to recycle and reuse waste.

The Task-force has a number of focus groups to address specific areas including recycling, travel, energy consumption and paper usage.

Every work group and department also has an Eco-champion to help generate ideas and implement green initiatives across the business.