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Solmax is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of PE geomembranes and offers high-standard containment solutions. The company offer both containment and fluid transportation solutions including HDPE pipes, valves, fittings and accessories.

Its products are used in critical applications in more than 60 countries by the biggest names in mining, petroleum, waste management, water, and civil engineering. Their products contain and drain–creating a layer of protection between their most precious resource, the earth, and the waste and contaminants that result from human activity, industry, mining, and the use of fossil fuels. Solmax’s products are used to protect soils from contamination in applications as critical as the landfills of the world’s most populated cities to the tailings or heap leach pads of mining operating in environmentally fragile ecosystems.

The firm’s well-structured businesses with similar cultures, an abundance of talent and products knowhow makes them to stand out in this competitive market. Confirming this Karen Lubbe, the Marketing Manager EMEA says, “We as Solmax have many years as a leader in the industry with teams of engineers who can assist with any requirements needed. We are one of the only geosynthetics manufacturers that can offer the full basket of geosynthetics. We are one of the only ones who produce and supply conductive HDPE and LLDPE”

Solmax’s reputation is based on its expertise in the installation of geosynthetic products, its excellence in manufacturing based on state-of-the-art knowledge of raw materials and equipment as well as the company’s management policies: Solmax does not compromise on quality. The systems are rigorous and accurate. Traceability is specific and documented from the resin right down to the site itself. The company’s communication is transparent and its partners, whether they are end clients or specialized installers, know that someone is present to back them up at all times.

Solmax has a broader manufacturing footprint and an expanded world-wide commercial network which in turn enable them to work more closely and cohesively with customers, including local service companies and specialized installers who require customized attention. Lubbe speaking on the firm’s footprint in Africa she says that they work extensively in Africa.  She further adds that as mining regulations in Africa have started to become stricter, meaning tailings, etc. have to be properly lined. This is especially the case in central and West Africa.

Solmax offers references that inspire confidence. Rules and regulations on the environment are becoming ever stricter. Solmax has collaborated with the biggest names in the waste, mining and water sector. Contacting Solmax means having access to technical information based on hundreds of already implemented projects.

The firm’s duty is to enable progress with minimal damage to the environment. Agile and innovation-led, Solmax aims to reshape the geosynthetics industry, applying digital technologies and state-of-the-art R&D expertise to deliver advanced solutions that are even more reliable, stronger, resistant to contaminants, and affordable, even in developing countries.

Solmax’s products meet engineering design requirements and they utilize ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems and a GAI-LAP accredited in-house testing laboratory. Also, the company holds numerous international certifications (ISO 14001, ITB, C-TPAT, CE Mark, Asqual, Gost, and many others). Solmax products are sold in more than 60 countries, from the company’s factories in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.