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SPHINX GLASS- leading float glass manufacturer

Established in 2008 and headquartered in Cairo.

Sphinx Glass is a leading float glass manufacturer in Egypt and the MENA region.

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Possessing a professional team coupled with years of experience, they established an extremely advanced high-tech float glass line, becoming one of the most distinguished regional glass manufacturers in the industry.

For more than a decade, the company held a leading market share in each segment of the glass industry with quality and reliability driving their success and attracting strategic alliances with local companies and large foreign corporations.

Since the company’s inception, they have chosen to change the domestic market.

They opted the hard way; educating the market about why they should consider doing things in a different way using advanced technology, raising all the standards and shifting the whole landscape of the glass industry.

They changed the equation by providing value for money, steady – reliable – superior quality supply – service, setting the bar higher in the Egyptian market.

When the real estate and construction boom came, the market was ready and Sphinx Glass; Fully capable of supplying the high demand for glass.

Sphinx Glass is known for its superior quality glass, using cutting-edge manufacturing technology, strict quality assurance and first-rate raw materials.

Vitro (PPG Industries), a world renowned glass manufacturer are their primary know-how and technology partner in their production facility; Which is a key factor in their ability to position their company as a star glass producer in the region and a synonym to high-quality products.

They bring sparkle to the world by supplying float glass products to the:-

  • Architectural
  • Decorative
  • Home appliances &
  • Automotive industries.

They manufacture a large range of glass sizes and thicknesses (from 2mm to 19mm, including jumbo size).

Their state-of-the-art, high production facility (with an annual capacity of 220,000 tones) is strategically located near the main sea ports, giving them the ability, to excellent and efficient logistics services to export markets currently spanning across the five continents.

For 10 years and still counting, there’s a landmark being constructed every day with Sphinx signature glass adorning its façade.


–          Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SphinxGlassEG

–          Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sphinxglassegypt/?igshid=1dblxqreo90zy

–          LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sphinx-glass-sae

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