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Headquartered on the outskirts of Milan, Italy, Stonex is one of the world leader company on measurement and survey, with over 80 qualified distributors worldwide.

Thanks to the integration of different positioning technologies and software the wide range of solutions allows to meet the needs of many fields of application and industries, such as:

  • Building and construction
  • Land survey and cadastral survey
  • GIS data collection
  • 3D Scanning (Architecture, Archeolology, industrial measurements, volume calculations…)
  • Agricolture and smart farming
  • Land and structure monitoring

Each geospatial requirement can then be addressed and solved with a Stonex solution. Their product range includes Optical instruments – Total Stations, digital and optical autolevels, electronic theodolite.

They design and manufacture solutions for surveying, construction and industrial measurements, keeping in mind their key values:
high Value for Money
effective Support to the Users

Each solution is conceived to be accurate, easy to use and reliable, matching the highest standards of measurement tools. to let a project become an ageless landmark.

Their operations run worldwide thanks to a high skilled Distribution network capables to look after any kind of Customers needs. Thanks to an incomparable knowledge and expertise, they also deliver to the market top quality services, aimed to satisfy any pre-sales or post-sales market’s request.

They also service the following industries:
Archaeological excavations

Being a non-intrusive technology Laser scanning is a perfect solution to perform surveys and measurements in Archaeological sites.

X300 Laser Scanner is specifically designed to work in the dusty and humid environments that often characterize Archaeological sites. Furthermore, the field (-25°/+65°) and the possibility to install it horizontally using the framework accessory, allow to perform scans in the most extreme situations.

The building’s status can be rapidly assessed using 3D Laser Technology combined with photography. The point cloud obtained by laser scanning is a measurable database, which allow you to obtain and manage morphological and geometrical information, identify materials and deterioration, simulate different strategies for restoration. Thanks to the high resolution of the point cloud, you can monitor, document and plan the progress of the different operation stages.

Building Construction & Renovation

With X300 you can rapidly obtain a complete 3D model of your building, indoor and outdoor, at each stage of the construction. The rugged case and IP grade will protect your instrument even in the toughest construction site. Using CubeScan and Reconstructor software it is easy to produce orthophotos, elevations, floor plans, sections and import/export data to your CAD software. Add images to obtain photo-realistic renderings and models.

Find out how much you can improve productivity and quality with X300 Laser Scanner.

Digital City Modelling

Collect in minutes millions of points, recording your urban environment with X300.

Laser Scanner and GPS integration will speed up your 3D scans georeferentiation and integration with existing GIS data. Cube Scan and Reconstructor software will help you in reconstructing wide areas in the virtual model, and performing segmentation and classification of buildings, signs, trees, etc.

Integrated models can also easily be created by combining Laser scanner point clouds, photos, photogrammetric models, thermal images, Satellite/Aerial imagery.


Building Information Modelling is not just a cool trend, is a new way of planning, building and managing infrastructures and buildings to maximize efficiency and optimize the use of information.

Laser scanning is at the core of BIM since it allows to quickly obtain a 3d geometric model of the site, document each stage of the construction, identify changes on site, share precise information among different parts. This will improve the way you visualize your design, let you easily access all the information when you need it, maintain your project documentation updated, ease the process of estimation and tendering, increase your speed and reduce costs.