Strong Structural Steel make a grand entry in Nigeria

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Strong Structural Steel, a United States based company has made a grand entry into the Nigerian market. The steel company aims at boosting the nation’s construction standards.

Phase I of the company’s investment of about US$36m is expected to inject direct foreign investment to Africa’s largest economy as well as stabilizing the falling naira and foreign exchange earnings.

Strong Structural Steel, specializes in the fabrication and erection of Miscellaneous Steel, Pre Engineered Metal Buildings and Class A Structural Steel. The company investment’s will create an employment opportunity to about 300 local Nigerian.

The facility will offer labour intensive supervision services as well as providing construction projects products involving thousands of Nigerians and consequently help in reducing the crime rate. Samano S.A. DE C.V Nigeria Limited is responsible in developing and facilitating the facility.

However, the company also has plans to construct a state-of-the-art technology and proprietary building systems that will be the foundation for innovative construction of the public works projects to meet the construction growth demands of the nation.

According to Jose Salazar Tinajero, the President and CEO of Samano S.A. DE C.V. Nigeria Limited, the company intends to develop private-public venture to boost the government’s goal increase the communities’ life quality and the economy growth. The company also seeks to establish and ramp up operations to dominate the technical aspect of operation with the Strong Structural Steel employee training program in a period of 18 Months.

The company is also planning to provide quality construction building material for public works projects aiming at eradicating the need to import steel products and specialized labour, something which has cost the nation for decades now.