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Summit Matsu Chillers are an Australian chiller engineering and manufacturing company with a many years of experience in providing chiller systems and related technology to a variety of industries including mining and concrete (for construction).

Their product range of industrial and process chillers comprises of both air and water-cooled chillers in a variety of sizes which can be customized to meet specific requirements including high ambient temperatures, close control and can be connected directly to existing processes and fitted with pump and tank modules or in a container if required. The process chiller ranges from Summit Matsu Chillers include the 8 Series which can be fully customized and suitable for a wide range of applications, and the Cadet and super cadet ranges for smaller cooling applications.

Summit Matsu has a wide selection of Shell and Tube Chillers to suit many large or complex cooling applications. High quality shell & tube evaporator chillers are available with a choice of screw, scroll or reciprocating compressors depending on application. The 7 Series and SDA Series allows for greater design flexibility performance, and are suitable for large scale process cooling applications including data centers, commercial HVAC and mining.

For the construction industry, their experience has been around providing chillers for concrete batch plants. Manufacturing and pouring concrete during the summer months relies on reliable industrial chillers to ensure a superior finish and meet engineering specifications. Cold water slows the curing process which results in stronger concrete, and at Summit Matsu Chillers they have experience in designing chillers specifically for this application, including chillers for portable concrete batch plants. Summit Matsu chillers have been used to assist with concrete pouring on large building and civil construction projects as well as on mining sites during the construction phase