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Sunnyquick Aluminium Manufacturing Co., Ltd-glass and aluminium solutions provider

The Dubai World Islands Project
The Dubai World Islands Project

Sunnyquick Aluminium Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a Chinese based company which has been dealing with bespoke aluminum and glass facade systems, including building facade systems, glass curtain wall systems, unitized curtain walls, frame structured curtain walls, aluminium windows, and doors, aluminium louvers, railing, etc…

The company is mainly involved in the design and engineering, development and manufacture, and contracting and installation services. It is made up of experienced design professionals that consists of technical lead designers, structural engineers, facade, and design engineers for turn-key cost-effective and innovative design solutions whether its development of conceptual design, detailed engineering, or fabrication drawings.

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Its manufacturing facility is built around total quality management, lean manufacturing, and kaizen principles ensuring control of quality, accuracy, and efficiency and its manufacturing process go through rigorous quality control exercises both by human and computerized testing. This along with the time-tested skill and craftsmanship of the Sunnyquick manufacturing team of operatives has a well-defined edge on shaping components with unerring precision and finish.

In matters contracting and installation services, the company project teams are staffed with experienced project managers, project engineers, site managers, and foreman/site operations leaders that offer services that ensure that the design intent is translated to reality on time and within budget.

The company products and services have been utilized in countries such as Australia, the United States of America, Uganda, Rwanda, Thailand, Singapore, China, Mozambique, Portugal, Singapore, and Senegal among many others in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, etc.

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