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Tamtron Group, founded in 1972, is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of digital scales and weighing systems. Supporting their customers’ businesses and working as an active partner with them has been their cornerstone since the beginning. They serve all the major industries and know their weighing needs. The firm offering includes standard scales as well as comprehensive, integrated weighing solutions. Their scales, information management systems, and extensive services are designed to answer to their customers’ challenges, today and in the future. All of Tamtron products are designed for worldwide markets.

The weighing solutions provided by Tamtron make customers’ everyday operations easier and more efficient not only in the seaports but in industries such as construction and mining industry, manufacturing, forestry and timber, transport and logistics as well as recycling and waste management. Tamtron’s accurate and reliable weighing solutions serve the needs of all major industries. All of their products are designed to make their customers’ operations easier and their business more profitable.

Tamtron provides advanced, accurate and innovative weighing solutions for all major industries. Easy-to-use scales and versatile weighing information management systems help you make your operations more efficient. With cutting-edge Tamtron weighing solutions, you can reach your objectives accurately and improve the future of your business.

Tamtron solutions includes a complete asset tracking system and information management services for utilizing weighing and detection information. Their objective in every system delivery is excellent reliability and usability. They view every system delivery as the start of a long-term commitment and partnership with our customer. Furthermore, they also provide comprehensive maintenance, installation, and verification services.

Tuomas Laine speaking on African market states that, “Africa is a very important market for Tamtron. In my opinion, the continent of Africa has always been a growing and lucrative market for Tamtron. The company scales have been present in Africa for nearly 20 years as they were initially introduced in South Africa by Autotech Weighing Systems. Since then we have grown our partner network into various other countries in Africa. In Africa, there is a demand for robust and precise on-board weighing solutions. Tamtron has distributors in South Africa, Zambia and Egypt. Our scales are working in these countries and neighboring countries.

Our scales are used in a variety of business segments around the continent. The Tamtron scales are used by many of the major mining operations in Africa. Also, the Tamtron scales are working in several ports in South Africa”.

Laine emphasize that, the Tamtron scales bring the features that their customers have asked for. Their cornerstone has always been to offer robust, easy-to-use, modern and advanced data transfer options on our scales. Since 1972 Tamtron has been at the forefront of weighing solution development.

Laine encourages everyone to consider on-board weighing solutions for their business. The on-board weighing solutions that Tamtron offers are cost-effective and robust. With their scales the users will be able to streamline loaded material quantities for accounting and transportation purposes. The loading of materials will be more precise and you will save time when using an on-board scale on a wheel loader. Tamtron offers data transfer options to the cloud and integration possibilities to customer softwares. Tamtron Group exports to over 50 countries and has over 25 000 deliveries worldwide.