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Terrapart was established in 1989, and supplies heavy parts and assemblies for earth moving equipment. Terrapart is recognized as a leading and trusted supplier in the heavy plant parts business and in a very competitive environment they strive to be the best they can and genuinely make customer satisfaction their priority.

They have a wealth of experience and knowledge, which is not just in a technical understanding of parts but of the logistical problems overseas customers face getting their parts. Their customers repeatedly look to them for solutions to their problems and to save them money on expensive parts and assemblies.

TerraPart company 2

They specialise in new, used and reconditioned parts for heavy earth moving machinery and when you buy from them you buy from a company with more than twenty five years experience and a reputation for excellence.

They also sell their part in African countries which include Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania.
Their prices are very competitive and because they work with a ‘machine down’ ethic availability is as good as possible.

They sell directly and through agents.
Chris Drewett, Sales Manager, advises potential buyers to enquire with the local official distributor and with Terrapart to make sure they always get the best deal.


Terrapart International Ltd
Chris Drewett
[email protected]