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The Wind Sphere™

Green Energy Technologies LLC is a privately held company founded in 2006 in Akron, Ohio that addresses the need for a cost-effective urban wind turbine system. By tapping an industry-leading mechanical, aeronautical and electrical engineering team, Green Energy Technologies has set itself apart from other distributed generation technology companies.

The Wind Sphere™ and how it works

The Wind Sphere™ relies on its “wind tunnel” effect known in physics as the Bernoulli Principle. While the rest of the wind industry generates energy through the use of free-stream wind, the Wind Sphere™ captures and amplifies the wind, which produces more kilowatt-hours (kWh).

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As wind encounters the Wind Sphere™ shroud, it becomes concentrated creating increased velocity and in turn, more power. By amplifying the natural wind speed, the Wind Sphere™ is able to produce more power from a smaller footprint. Proportionally, the Wind Sphere™ has the smallest footprint with the largest amount of power output in the industry. Because of these attributes, the Wind Sphere™ is uniquely designed to produce energy in urban, populated areas with space constraints.

Uniqueness of their Wind Sphere product

Amplification of wind by 30% of ambient wind, smaller blades from traditional wind turbines,

Cut in or startup of blades at 1 meter/sec, Small footprint, 360 degree yaw system with variable pitch blades.

The windsphere advantage on site

The windsphere advantage for onsite generation WindSphere can reduce your electric bills and protect you from electric rate increases.  Its small footprint makes it ideal for urban rooftops, industrial plants, and integration into new construction, exhaust capture and remote locations that were previously off limits using traditional wind turbines.  It’s a great way for your company to manage your long term energy strategy while reducing greenhouse gas emission at the same time.

Be aware of selecting the best wind turbine for the application you are using it for

Understand the difference between Utility Scale wind turbines from on-site decentralized wind turbines. On-site generation should have benefits to the end user vs wind farms that utility companies install.

Emerging technologies for renewable energy should customized and flow charted defining for example backup technologies, delivering an all-encompassing solution for each end user/customer.

New technologies are specific for end users defining multiple point solutions that are integrated.

Wind farms are delivering wholesale rate paybacks and on-site wind turbines deliver retail payback (paybacks are 3 times faster).

Market Plan

GreenEnergy Technologies, they are poised to deliver on their mission to provide clean and affordable energy to their customers.  They have created a revolutionary technology called the WindSphere™. This rooftop  or pole mounted design is so compact and versatile that now even heavily populated urban areas can take full advantage of one of our most plentiful renewable resources…the wind. Federal incentive in the United States the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 allows owners of small wind systems with 100 kilowatts (kW) of capacity and less to receive an uncapped investment tax credit for 30% of the total installed cost of the system.

Worldwide Turbine Certification

The Wind Sphere is currently in the process of the stringent IEC-61400-2 testing, also known as the Standard for Small Wind Turbines testing. Exhaustive field testing will be conducted by a Certified AWEA testing firm to verify performance and real world endurance.

“With the Wind Sphere, building owners everywhere can now consider being a part of the renewable energy picture.”

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