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Unipave Engineering Products was established in 1973.

They are specialists in paver finishing machines with their machines manufactured for all paver finishing applications.

Their product line features

  • Sensor Paver Finishers
    They feature a hydrostatic transmission and sensor devices to automatically control the different operations of the paver.
    They are also known as Hydrostatic Paver Finishers.Sensor pavers are available in two variants,
    1.Wheel mounted
    2.Crawler/ truck mounted.Wheel mounted sensor pavers are easy to shift as compared to crawler/ truck mounted pavers.

  • Mechanical Paver Finishers
    This type of paver features a mechanical transmission hence its name,
    Mechanical Paver Finisher.It is run by pulley and belt.
    It is driven by a tyre coupling system threw engine.These wheel mounted mechanical paver finishers have 4 gears.

Unipave are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, with quality as the topmost priority.

The machines manufactured are passed through several quality control checks at different stages of manufacturing.

They also lay special emphasis on the procurement of the raw materials to ensure flawless manufacturing processes.

Innovation through continuous research, quick adoption of the state-of-the-art advanced technology and constant upgrade of each application is a continuous process and a way of life at UNIPAVE.

They are always a step ahead to adopt to the latest technology in their field of manufacturing/ marketing.

Their mission is to emerge as a leading establishment in the wide business field of Road Construction Machinery by capitalizing their knowledge, dedication and intention.


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