Difference between engineering and commercial concrete plant

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The engineering concrete plant is different from commercial concrete plant. There are some differences between them.

I. Different application

The engineering concrete plant usually builds next to the construction site, serving certain project. Because of its relatively simple configuration, it mainly produces concrete for its own engineering demands. Some large engineering batching plant, however, can supply concrete for several projects. Thus it is somewhat similar to commercial concrete plant.

Commercial concrete plant is generally for producing and selling commercial concrete. It can achieve all-weather production of pre-mixed concrete. The concrete quality is more stable and reliable than the concrete stirred on the construction site, which improves the engineering quality. Besides, mixer truck usually transports commercial concrete.

II. Different configuration

It is different between the engineering concrete plant and the commercial concrete plant. First, they’re different in the type of admixture, strength grading of cement, and the size of the cement silos. Commercial concrete plant has more admixture, cement silos and strength grading of cement than engineering concrete plant.  In addition, the engineering concrete plant usually does not have an external seal, and the structure is relatively simple. However, the commercial concrete plant needs to be externally sealed, pursuit of beautiful appearance and environmental protection. Besides, commercial concrete plant owns a larger structure than engineering concrete plant.

III. Different price

In general, the price of commercial mixing stations is higher than engineering concrete plant. As you know, the price of concrete batching plant is related to the model and configuration of the batching plant. Different models have different configurations, and different configurations have different prices. Click here to leave a message for getting the quote and more details of batching plant.

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