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12,000km-long Water Project in Saudi Arabia Officially Launches

A 12 000km-long Water Project in Saudi Arabia has been launched. The project aims to be one of the world’s largest desalinated water networks. It will produce up to 9.4 million cubic meters of water per day for the country.

The project’s plan includes the digging of a river that would span 11 meters in width 12,000 kilometers in length, and four meters in depth. The 12 000km-long Water Project in Saudi Arabia strives to surpass the length of the Great River Nile.

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As reported in the TV Series, Seen, the project’s ambitious goals will require the use of anti-corrosion pipes. The popular Saudi journalist of the series, Ahmad al shugairi, further added that each pipe would need a diameter of 2.25 meters.

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12 000km-long Water Project in Saudi Arabia strives for massive water production 

Currently, Saudi holds the top position as a global producer of desalinated water. Annually, the country generates well over 1,006 billion cubic meters, of which accounts for 18% of worldwide production. Primarily, the network’s facilitation is by a government-controlled entity. The Saline Water Conversion Corporation, on a global scale, is responsible for the production of the largest volume of desalinated water. 

While still commenting on the project, Ahmad al shuguairi said that the project is a reflection of the amount of effort and commitment towards the creation of underground rivers. Despite, the journalist added, being in an area that is mostly desert. Interestingly, Ahmad pointed out that the length of the pipes under cities in Saudi is 126,000 kilometers.

He added that their total length would be able to revolve around the word a total of three times. Furthermore, the amount of water generation would be about 9.4 million cubic meters in a day. According to Ahmad, that amount if distributed to the world’s population would guarantee every person two bottles (two gallons) of water, from Saudi Arabia. 

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