$252 Million Approved by AfDB for Uganda Rural Connectivity Upgrade

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The board of directors of African Development Bank (AfDB) has made an approval of $252.38 million to Uganda that will be utilized in Uganda Rural Connectivity upgrade project and promote regional integration. This loan will be utilized in the construction of the Laropi-Moyo-Afoji and Katuna-Muko-Kamigangunzi roads which are very key infrastructure in enabling the smooth movement of goods and services in their respective regions.

This financial support consists of $179.68 million from the African Development Bank and a total of $73.15 million from the African Development Fund. The loan shall focus on upgrading the transport connectivity in Kabale District, Moyo District, and Rubanda District.

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Uganda Rural Connectivity Upgrade Projects

Beyond the construction of roads, the Uganda Rural Connectivity upgrade project is also inclusive of a suite of social complimentary initiatives to improve general movement and other economic conditions. This entails setting up of five kilometers of roads in the minor towns, non-motorized traffic amenities, lighting of the streets, and also a bus terminus for the region. In addition, market stalls that will be installed with cold storage facilities will also be set up in the key areas as a move to support women traders and boost earnings from the highly perishable goods like vegetables and fish.

In matters addressing the climate change concerns, flood protection works situated in Laropi will strengthen the resilience of the area to severe weather conditions and minimize economic activities being disrupted. Moreover, the establishment of a one-stop border will in Afoji/Jale at the Uganda-South Sudan border has also been planned and it aims to enhance trading activities by facilitating the harmonization of customs and coordinating the border-crossing operations and also supply chains.

Laropi-Moyo-Afoji road which is part of the Uganda Rural Connectivity upgrade located in Moyo District northwestern part of Uganda is of very strategic importance in that it enables the accessibility to refugee camps that contain over 500,000 refugees who fled from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and South Sudan. Provided that 80 per cent of the land in Moyo is very arable, this road is expected to be of great benefit to the agricultural communities located in Kabale District and Rubanda District, eventually benefiting around 460, 000 residents of the regions.