$25M Connecticut Water Project Awarded To Jacobs Company

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The Connecticut water project in the city of Waterbury, New Zealand was recently awarded to the renowned construction firm, Jacobs’ Company. This project entails the operation and maintenance of their conventional surface water treatment plant, which has a daily capacity of 38 million gallons. Jacobs officially announced their selection through a company press release.

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Connecticut Water Project Enhancing Water Infrastructure

The city has estimated the total value of this 10-year contract to be an impressive $25 million. Jacobs’ extensive scope includes engineering services and facility improvements. This encompasses the sludge system, water quality laboratory, and the treatment process itself.

The Connecticut water project will involve substantial upgrades to key components such as the chemical dosing system, water filtration mechanisms, and sludge handling facilities. Greg Fischer, Vice President of Operations, Maintenance, Facility Services, and Design-Build at Jacobs, notes that these enhancements will significantly boost water quality and operational reliability.

As part of the contract, the Dallas-based construction company will also enhance digital maintenance management using supervisory control, data acquisition, and telemetry systems. Jacobs commenced full operations and maintenance of the Waterbury Infrastructure Project in July 2023.

Water construction activity has shown a promising 10% year-over-year increase as of July, according to the latest analysis from the Associated Builders and Contractors. This robust level of activity, coupled with growing concerns related to climate change, prompted Jacobs to identify water infrastructure as a promising area of opportunity. Luce Bassetti, Americas Coastal Resilience Director at Jacobs, shared this insight.

With its extensive portfolio and expertise in water-related construction, Jacobs has secured the top position in the 2023 ENR Top 500 ranking for wastewater treatment and an impressive second place for water construction and water treatment projects.

In conclusion, Jacobs’ success in securing the $25 million Connecticut Water Project contract underscores its leadership in water infrastructure projects and commitment to enhancing water quality and reliability for communities.

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