Tanzania Plans for $5.6 Billion Mtwara-Mbamba Bay Railway Project

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The Republic of Tanzania has initiated efforts of seeking $5.6 billion for the construction of Mtwara-Mbamba Bay Railway that shall connect the Indian Ocean to Lake Nyasa and traverse the regions that are rich in iron-ore and graphite minerals. In addition the country has also started the search of public-private partnerships for the railway. This information was revealed by the Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC). The agency made a pitch to the potential investors and financers of the project at the Africa Investment Forum that was held in Marrakech, Morocco. At the beginning of this month, an interest of $2.2 billion in the project was also secured by the country.

This Mtwara-Mbamba Bay Railway that spurs to the neighboring countries of Mozambique, Malawi, and also Zambia was first proposed to be constructed about twenty years ago. This railway will be mainly utilized for transporting coal and iron ore from the mine fields situated at Liganga and Mchuchuma. The railway will also provide services to companies like Dangote Cement Plc and Tancoal Energy Ltd.

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Mtwara-Mbamba Bay Railway Length

The Mtwara-Mbamba Bay Railway shall cover a distance of 1,000- kilometers (621 miles) . Currently, the Republic of Tanzania has kicked off the efforts of expanding its general railway network in order to speed up industrialization and also promote trading activities by capturing cargo for the countries that surround it. The country is also building a railway line other than this one that runs a distance of 1,219 kilometers. This other railway shall connect the Port of Dar es Salaam and Mwanza city by Lake Victoria. The railway line will also branch to the western part of Burundi, DRC, and also Rwanda.

According to the Turkish contractor Yapi Merkezi Insaat VE Sanayi that was given the contract of building a total of four phases of the railway, they are currently restructuring loans worth $1 billion that was brought about by its cash flow being hit by a row over payment. China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation and China Railway Construction Ltd are also developing a part of the other railway line.