$523 Million Ethiopia Water and Sanitation Project to be Implemented

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The Ministry of Water and Energy in Ethiopia has just recently stated that it has been setting up a $523 million Ethiopia Water and Sanitation project services in a total of 23 cities in the country in order to improve the access of water. The Lead Executive Officer of MoWE Sanitation Infrastructure, Nuredin Mohamed, recently spoke to The Ethiopian Herald and told them that the ministry has been engaging in the implementing of the Second Urban Water Supply and Sanitation project that is set to increase the accessibility to water supply and sanitation services in the country. This project will also be very instrumental in improving operational efficiency of water services and the sanitation utilities located in the targeted 23 cities.

According to Nuredin, this project is set to enable the ministry to expand its infrastructure, strengthen their capacity in terms of buildings, and also supporting post construction. Moreover, quite a number of projects are being executed with the support of the central government and development partners and currently are in different completion status. As a way, of enhancing their sanitation services, a total of 1000 public toilets are being constructed across the country.

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Ethiopia Water and Sanitation Project Funding

In funding of the Ethiopia Water and Sanitation project, the World Bank Group earmarked more than $460 million and the remaining balance of the funding was secured from other donors of the project. A research that is necessary for the translation of the project into reality was conducted by the ministry and they also managed to purchase and distribute a variety of materials to the regional states. Currently, the construction of the project has been launched.

The ministry has also put its focus on reviving the Ethiopia Water and Sanitation by emarking on water and sanitation services infrastructure projects that are located in Tigray state, which were damaged severely by the ongoing conflict in the region. In addition the ministry has also bought mechanical devices at a cost of $1 million in order to resume the service works in Makelle, a similar attempt has also been made to Adigrat. The fulfillment of these activities are going to provide a big relief for the residents as the two cities are a part of the implementation of the Second Urban Water Supply and Sanitation project and will be benefiting from the post construction activities.

Emergency approaches like resource mobilization, reparation of infrastructure and the resumption of services have adequately addressed the timely problems faced in various areas. In addition, the ministry has been focusing on sustainable solutions in the regions that are adversely affected by drought and other natural challenges.