$5B Qiddiya City Urban Design Launched as Construction Seeks to Progress

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Various dignitaries and officials were present at the launching of Qiddiya City’s urban design as construction takes shape. The city of Qiddiya is expected to be one of the Kingdom’s foremost destinations once completed. The Kingdom aims to make the city an all-inclusive scene in the fields of entertainment, sports, and even culture. The city is also one of the major cornerstones in the Saudi Vision 2030 which aims to diversify the economy of the Kingdom. The scope of the project entails the construction of 60,000 buildings within the city. The project covers an overall area of 360 square kilometers.

The Qiddiya City project once completed will be able to host up to 600,000 residents within the city. Construction has already started and contracts worth $5 billion have already been awarded in regards to the project. The city is expected to be a one-of-a-kind city as it is expected to attract over 48 million visitors per year. It is expected to host several world-class attraction sites and venues. The city will also host several amenities such as hotels and cafes. The city will also host several recreational facilities to entertain its guests. Qiddiya City will include features such as a gaming and e-sports district, a speed park track, and golf courses. It will also include elegant water theme parks and Six Flags Qiddiya. It will also include a stadium that will be multipurpose.

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Qiddiya City Aims to Revolutionize Saudi Arabia as One of its Major Giga-Projects.

Qiddiya City is regarded as one of Saudi Arabia’s giga-projects as it is key to Saudi’s Vision 2030 ambitions. The City is expected to contribute to the Kingdom both socially, economically, and culturally. On an economic aspect, Qiddiya and its city are expected to generate an annual revenue of $67.5 billion. This will greatly influence the Kingdom’s economy as it is also expected to provide over 325,000 job opportunities. The Qiddiya city project seeks to build destinations and foster dedication to improving sports, culture, and entertainment in the Kingdom. Qiddiya City will revolutionize the Kingdom as is the hope of many with everyone anticipating for its completion.