$7.8B Set Aside in Preparation for the World Expo 2030

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Saudi Arabia has been voted as the country mandated to host the World Expo 2030 having secured majority votes. The country was selected on basis of the votes cast by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) member states. The country now sets its focus on delivering to the expectations that the member states and the world expects come 2030. The Kingdom stated that it plans to invest $7.8bn in Riyadh for the World Expo 2030. This issue was made in Paris during the General Assembly of the BIE member states. The Saudi officials also pledged to support 100 participating countries with a package of worth $353 million. The package will include technical support and pavilion construction. It will also include design and maintenance among other services. The aim of the package is to make the event inclusive of all countries.

The World Expo 2030 will be hosted in Riyadh and the Royal Commission for the city has already a master plan. The master plan for the Expo site will be developed close to the King Salman International Airport. The site will also be in close proximity to the metro network which is soon to be completed.  The Collaborative Change Corner is one of the most key elements of the master plan. It is a dynamic area that is intended to foster creativity in the lead up to the Expo. It also aims to foster innovation not only in the lead up to but also beyond the World Expo 2030.

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The World Expo 2030 will be the First Environmentally Friendly Exhibition

The World Expo 2030 aims to aid in the call for embracing carbon zero campaign in its master plan. The Expo will be powered by solar energy as its main source of power. These detailed strategies aim to enhance biodiversity and ensure green waste management. It also seeks to eliminate food waste and encourage recycling of waste materials. These efforts will be fundamental in supporting the Expo as the first eco-friendly exhibition with zero carbon emissions. The World Expo 2030 will change and sway the hearts of many nations to be more considerate of the environment as it enacts its master plan. The event is expected to attract 40 million visitors from all over the globe.  The design of the site will have 226 spherical shaped pavilions arranged based on countries’ longitudes. This offers an all-inclusive global experience and appreciation of cultures.