766MW Topolobampo III Power Plant Launched in Mexico

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Based in Sinaloa, the Topolobampo III power plant was recently launched by Iberdrola Mexico and GE Vernova’s Gas Power business. The facility is operated using GE’s H-class combined cycle equipment.

The plant powers more than 1.6 million households, thus supporting the country’s renewable grid, with a capacity of 766MW.

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The Topolobampo III power plant establishment aligns with Mexico’s goal of doubling on renewable energy capacity by 2030, while addressing the Latin American nation’s electricity demand. This boosts both wind and solar capacity from 15-40GW.

The technology employed in the Topolobampo III power plant

The plant uses a D650 steam turbine from GE Vernova and two 7HA.01 gas turbines. It also uses three H53 generators as well as advanced plant control systems. The control systems feature integrated Mark VI DCS (Distributed Control System) from GE Vernova.

The set up facilitates the use of real time data for better outcomes. It also guarantees stability and efficiency during operations.

GE Vernova’s HRSG technology local licensee, CERREY, supplied the two Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs). 

About Iberdrola Mexico

According to the CEO of Iberdrola Mexico, the entity is a leader in renewable energy. Iberdrola focuses on funding a portfolio of renewable energy, and it is fostered by efficient gas power. It is said that it has been working on further sustainable energy generation initiatives. 

He added that one of the most important attributes is flexibility since it enables them to incorporate renewable energy sources into the grid. He claimed that GE Vernova’s H-Class equipment is essential to support the expansion of Mexico’s renewable power production.

Iberdrola Mexico and GE Vernova’s relationship

The project strengthens Iberdrola Mexico’s relationship with GE Vernova. The company has always supported Iberdrola with reliable technology as well as top tier services in the last 23 years ago.

Dave Ross, Americas President and CEO for GE Vernova’s Gas Power business, said that the company offers support to Mexico’s energy targets. It works with their long-term client Iberdrola.

Dave added that they are proud to participate in the project, marking their first order of their 7HA.01 technology in the country.