$850 Million Kunzvi Dam Completion in Zimbabwe set for December 2024

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The Kunzvi Dam Completion status currently stands at 46%. This dam was constrcted at a cost of $850 million and is located in Goromonzi district. The construction of the dam is expected to come to an end by the end of December in the current year.

This Dam is considered as key and strategic considering the fact that the supply of water to the countrys capital, Harare is to be made constant. The dam is also set to supply water to the business centers of Juru, Mwanza, and Majuru located in Goromonzi district.

During this week, the minister in charge of provincial affairs and state devolution, Dr Apolnia Munzverengwi paid a visit to the Kunzvi Dam construction site to check the progress of the construction works of the project and expressed her satisfaction towards the progress that had been made so far.

“On this day, we are at the Kunzvi Dam construction site on a tour of this project in this province,” she stated. “The construction works of the dam kicked off in the previous year and there is so much progress we have seen here.”

Challenges Hindering the Kunzvi Dam Completion

The biggest challenge that is facing the Kunzvi Dam construction project is the resettlement of the people. There are about 450 families that need to be resettled. A total of 34 families that reside in the dam’s catchment will be relocated in the coming 30 days.

“I have given that responsibility to our lands officer and irrigation technician. We already have a farm in place for that. In regards to the construction process of the dam, there is urgent need for the workers to go on with the blasting but unfortunately they are unable to do so because we still have people residing within the radius. These people will be affected by the blasts in case they are conducted. Additionally, I have been informed by the resident engineer that they will finish the construction works of the dam by the month of December.

Significance of the Project

We have Grow Points as a province and I am indeed happy that they are going to construct a treatment plant and even business centers like Juru and Mwanza will be great beneficiaries of the portable water that will be acquired from Kunzvi Dam Completion.

The minister added that there was need to supply water to the Goromonzi business center, with the pipeline having to pass through. The Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe (PLZ) and the Arcturus Mine.

According to the resident engineer of the Kunzvi Dam project, David Madondo, relocation of the families that have been affected by the construction project of the dam needs to be done with haste so as to give room for the construction works of Kunzvi Dam.

“As for now, the Kunzvi Dam Completion status stands at 46%. We are currently working on the foundation and also the drilling and grouting on the foundation. For the spillway, the sub-contractor is almost starting and after that we can go on with the bulk blasting,” he stated.

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